BSc Research Symposium

We have recently had our final year research symposium where BSc students present the findings of their investigative research projects.

Here are some examples:

Y4 research

Topic List

Visual Narrative through Lighting
BRDF-based Shading
The Impact of Digital Sculpting in CGI
Per-Face Texture Mapping
Realistic Eyes
How Sound Effects/Music are used for Storytelling in both Animation and Anime
Evolution of Resolution
Fundamental Network Rendering for 3ds Max/Maya Artists
Bio-mechanics and Realistic Walk Cycle Animation
CGI Muscle Anatomy
3D printing in the approach of a 3D artist
Stereoscopic 3D – The Three Methods
The Application of Lines and Shapes in Visual Narrative
Innovations in Video Games
Using Mental Ray’s ‘SSS Fast Skin Shader with Displacement’ to Resemble Natalie Portman’s Skin
Environment Concepting by Composition and Mood
The Development of Key Frame & MoCap Animation Techniques


Motion Capture at the College CGI

Our Xsens MVN Interial Motion Capture system gets plenty of use.  Our year 4’s are currently motion capturing for animation assignments – keep an eye out for the final productions in April! These images are from March last year when one of our industry partners Neon Play came in to capture some football moves for their Flick Foot Super Save iPhone game with student Nick Blacklee.

Where Are They Now? – Caspian

Ex student, Caspian Graça Da Silva, has been working for Envy Post-Production since graduating last year.  We caught up with him to find out what he has been up to.

Q. So you are now working at Envy where you also had your placement year.  Firstly, what did you get out of your placement?
A. I had a really good experience with my placement, I think when you leave University you’re not sure what to expect when you go out into the big wide world, but going on placement gave me a good eye opener to how things are in the workplace and allowed me to do a trial run of the job hunt which made it e

Q. Did your placement change your approach to the course when you returned for the final year?
A. Definitely, in the workplace you don’t always have the luxury of time, so I deemed it best to try and learn as much as I possibly could while back for the final year, using all the extra time you have to try new ways of doing things and learning new skills that could be developed later on.

Q. And what projects have you been involved with since you graduated?
A. So far I have helped with the ITV rebranding and done lots of basic experimentation and Previz, whilst on lunch or after work, hopefully I’ll get to work on more substantial things as time goes on..

Q. What software are you using now and did you have to retrain at all?
A. I’m currently learning Maya and Nuke, These two programs are used highly in most post houses, sometimes SoftImage if you’re aiming to work in Broadcast.

Q. What’s the best thing about working at Envy?
A. They have an amazing bar where you can get very elaborate cocktails.

Q. What was the best thing about studying at theCollegeCGI?
A.You’re pushed to be a generalist, making everything yourself which in turn gives you a broader knowledge of every aspect of a project from base concepting to modelling and animating to the final compositing.

Q. What is your five-year career goal?
A. I want to develop my skill sets and see where it takes me, hopefully to work on the next big film..

caspian work 1

Caspian graduated in 2012 and completed his placement year at Envy in 2010/11.  You can see his show reel at

Envy is one of the leading Post Production Houses in the UK. They work on programmes including Factual, Drama, Comedy, Documentaries and Light Entertainment and collaborate on design, branding and commercials.

Pixelflakes Visit

Pixelflakes Visit

Matt and Marvin from Pixelflakes working with our BSc Architectural Visualisation students on how they used Photoshop in two of their recent production images.

Matt Reid is a former student on our course here at BPCCGI and formed Pixelflakes with his co-partner Marvin in 2011. Please visit their website for examples of their work and some great tutorials.

Find out what the CGI students are up to at Bournemouth & Poole College