Motion Capture

Motion capture or ‘mocap’ is one of the core career routes within our course. Mocap is used throughout the movie and game industries to make realistic animations. You can become proficient in mocap acting, directing and manipulating mocap data by taking our mocap units in the BSc top-up. These units build on the FdSc units in key frame animation and rigging to turn you into a fully rounded animation specialist.


Teaching Units for the Mocap Route
Assisted Animation Techniques:
Learn how to run a full-body mocap session and edit the data afterwards
Facial Capture:
Directly animate your character’s expressions from video footage of an actor’s face
Creative Animation Performance:
Develop critical awareness of industry animation standards across all animation workflows
Project 3:
Complete a high-level animation project using standard industry tools and pipeline
Evaluative Research:
Demonstrate your critical awareness and explore a specific aspect of your project in great depth

krysti and kay

We work closely with mocap providers XSens and Timeaware, so you will get to use cutting edge mocap suits by XSens and learn how to setup and operate them. The inertial mocap technology means that our equipment can be taken anywhere to record data for your coursework and projects.

xsens production line