Never Work with Animals

Another great mocap talk this time from Stuart Haskayne, Studio Manager at Centroid Motion Capture  in Shepperton Studios. Centroid 3D  boasts one of the industry’s largest and most advanced facilities available today and has worked on many of the top films and games. This time we learned all about the ins and outs of running a full commercial […]

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Mocap with Mocappy

Simon Kay, Mocap Supervisor at Double Negative gave us a great talk today all about his motion capture work on some great films. We learned all about mocap for crowd simulations, facial capture, mocap as a blocking out tool for key frame animation and mocapping camels for the sci-fi film John Carter. Our new Motion Capture Career Route […]

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End of Year Show – The Statistics

This year’s show produced serious results for some serious students (see how serious they look!). We had 111 guests through the door, including 20 different companies. This resulted in 19 interviews and 6 direct job offers and a placement offer. 3D World will be publishing an article in their on-line journal, Creative Bloq, about a selection […]

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Professional breakdancer, Shangomola Edunjobi, does some sick moves in our motion capture suit. Another mocap session organised by one of our BSc animation students. Keep an eye on the blog for the finished project in June.

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It’s not just the animators who have cool toys to play with – our BSc modellers are currently 3D scanning a real Spinosaurus (toy) with our 3D laser scanner. Next they have just have to apply materials and make it animatable.  Stay tuned for updates…


Parkour Mocap

Thanks to Greg Nagy from the Train Hard Parkour Project in Poole for coming and doing some motion capture (mocap) with us. Our BSc students get to use the mocap suits for their main project and animation coursework. This time Chris Hill invited Greg to do some Parkour stunts for his free-running / floating asteroid […]

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Sumo Celebrity

These are some examples of our latest modelling / sculpting coursework. It is an exercise in anatomy working across our 3D modelling and Art lessons. It is also a bit of fun. Students chose a celebrity and then made the sumo wrestling version using 3ds Max and Mudbox. (Clockwise from top) Steve Buscemi by Jake Balston, […]

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Commercial Motion Capture Session

Our students running a motion capture session for Nick Galaxy, one of our industry partners. Nick approached us with some animation requirements he had for a game prototype. We built it into a piece of coursework for our students and got them to run the session. Nick hired professional dancer, Ruby, and we used one of […]

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Framestore at theCollegeCGI

Thank you to Ian Fellows of Framestore for the great talk he gave this morning to our CGI students.  Ian inspired us all with show-and-tell breakdowns of the blockbuster films Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy and also gave a good overview of all the various roles that go to create VFX movies. Ian covered […]

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