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More prizes for this years Graduate Expo

Congratulations to everyone that received awards this year.  They were all well deserved.  For all those who are now leaving us, all the best for your future – all the staff wish you continued success.  Make sure you come back to see us throughout the year and at next year’s Graduate Expo.


Never Work with Animals

Another great mocap talk this time from Stuart Haskayne, Studio Manager at Centroid Motion Capture  in Shepperton Studios. Centroid 3D  boasts one of the industry’s largest and most advanced facilities available today and has worked on many of the top films and games.

This time we learned all about the ins and outs of running a full commercial mocap session both in the studio and on location. At the cutting edge of high-end of motion capture, extraordinary feats of capture are possible including capturing full basketball teams or horses and camels with bespoke portable systems (and made-to-measure camel suits!)

centroid horse

stoo talk

Centroid 3D is one of our industry partners and help us to keep our teaching current as well as providing us with great opportunities like this talk. As part of our Motion Capture Career Route, we are hoping to include a visit to Shepperton Studios to see Centroid’s facilities in our programme for next academic year.

For more information on the Motion Capture Career Route, click the Motion Capture tab at the top of the page.

Mocap with Mocappy

Simon Kay, Mocap Supervisor at Double Negative gave us a great talk today all about his motion capture work on some great films. We learned all about mocap for crowd simulations, facial capture, mocap as a blocking out tool for key frame animation and mocapping camels for the sci-fi film John Carter.

mocappy talk

Our new Motion Capture Career Route will be teaching mocap using up-to-date systems – much of the work done at Double Negative uses the same equipment and techniques we use at theCollegeCGI. We look forward to working closely with Simon and continuing to develop our course to stay at the cutting edge of mocap technology to make our course the go-to place for students who want to enter this exciting field.

Simon (a.k.a. @Mo_Cappy) has his own website with some great tutorials on motion capture. Do visit it – and then come and study with us to get the hands-on experience.

Hayes Davidson

Some of our students had an inspirational and educational time on their recent trip to Hayes Davidson, one of the key architectural visualisation studios in London. Hayes Davidson (HD) works with some of the world’s top architects and designers with visualisations and planning applications for some of the most iconic buildings in London and around the world.

Students got to see some of their latest work and to chat to the artists for some inspiration and good advice.


Hayes Davidson is one of our many industry partners who are instrumental in the design and running of our programmes. HD are currently involved in our major course review and have provided good advice to keep our Architectural Visualisation programmes at the top of their game for the next six years.

JnSA few years ago, theCollegeCGI visited HD and two of our students, Jon Ogilvy and Sahin Evmez were so impressed with what they saw that they made it their own personal career goal to work there. Both now do, Sahin (left) is a 3D Artist and Jon (right) is a Project Art Director. theCollegeCGI is wholeheartedly committed to getting our students into CGI industries. Who knows what the future brings for our current students, but hopefully this trip and other industry activities we provide will inspire and galvanise them to achieve their goals.

Research and Development

Alex Rothwell from Framestore gave a really interesting and inspiring talk about Research and Development in visual effects (VFX) to our BSc final year students.

AR talk

Alex has 15 years in the industry and has worked on titles including Gravity, The Golden Compass and Black Hawk Down. he is currently working on simulating flesh and muscles in character and creature rigs to make the animation more believable.

As well as technical stuff like stereoscopic render optmisation, FACS shapes for facial capture and flesh simulation, we learned about how R&D departments fit into VFX companies, the different roles they take on and some of the low-down on up and coming developments.

This talk ties in with our BSc Personal Research unit where students must conduct some of their own research to enhance their academic skills and to prove that they have learned how to learn when they stand on their own two feet in industry. It’s good to know the core principles of research at Framestore are much the same as our own: clearly define the problem, set measurable goals, evaluate the results against your goals. Keep an eye on the blog to find out more about this year’s research subjects.

AR mocap

Project in Bournemouth = Fame in LA

Josh TurnerFoundation Degree student, Josh Turner, was approached by Tribune Media in LA to ask if they could use his Year 2 Project in as part of the opening scene to the Real Milwaukee Morning Show. Josh did a funky visualisation of the Milwaukee Art Museum for his main project this year (see below) and had to get permission from AutoDesk to use the project, which was generated on an educational version of 3ds Max.

A representative of Tribune Media said they are very excited about the work and plan to submit the complete title sequence to the 2016 Awards. Josh will be credited as 3D Modeller for his work in the credits for the show, on / showcases and in the award submissions.

Good work Josh. (Josh’s show reel can be found here.)