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Hayes Davidson

Some of our students had an inspirational and educational time on their recent trip to Hayes Davidson, one of the key architectural visualisation studios in London. Hayes Davidson (HD) works with some of the world’s top architects and designers with visualisations and planning applications for some of the most iconic buildings in London and around the world.

Students got to see some of their latest work and to chat to the artists for some inspiration and good advice.


Hayes Davidson is one of our many industry partners who are instrumental in the design and running of our programmes. HD are currently involved in our major course review and have provided good advice to keep our Architectural Visualisation programmes at the top of their game for the next six years.

JnSA few years ago, theCollegeCGI visited HD and two of our students, Jon Ogilvy and Sahin Evmez were so impressed with what they saw that they made it their own personal career goal to work there. Both now do, Sahin (left) is a 3D Artist and Jon (right) is a Project Art Director. theCollegeCGI is wholeheartedly committed to getting our students into CGI industries. Who knows what the future brings for our current students, but hopefully this trip and other industry activities we provide will inspire and galvanise them to achieve their goals.


Where are they now? – Josh Chappell

We caught up with ex-student Josh for a bit of Q&A after seeing this great photo on Facebook…

josh chappell

Q: How does it feel to have worked on a multi-award winning film such as Interstellar?
A: It felt pretty good. To be part of a team that won an Oscar and Bafta was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to the next project. All the pain and hard work feels worth it now.
Q: What role did you have in making Interstellar?
A: I was a matchmove artist, creating and stabilising the cameras from the 2D sequences for the effects to sit nicely within the scene. This also includes animating objects that have interaction and body tracking
Q: Is that typical of the work you do at Double Negative?
It depends on which route in VFX you would like to take, whether it’s a 3D or 2D route. Typically if you want to go into anything 3D you’ll start off in matchmove and get to learn the pipeline and then train in the subject you wish to pursue. The 2D route starts with rotoscope, then paint and then moving on into compositing.
Q: What is your next career step?
A: It’s difficult to say. I’m currently a matchmove TD [Technical Director] and quite enjoy it. I’m training in effects at the moment but it all really depends on the opportunities that may appear.
Q: What is it like working for D-Neg?
A: Working for D-Neg is great, its a really nice working atmosphere and everyone is very friendly, the training they offer is really good and made by the artists so you know your getting all the best tips and secrets.
Q: How did you get your job there?
A: I actually just walked up to them in a presentation at Talbot campus and gave them my CV. It’s definitely worth being prepared with your CV, reel and cover letter, as I think I was the only one and most likely meant they had something to read on the way back to London.
Q: How did your CGI degree help you get to where you are now?
A: I would say the CGI degree is essential as it is a very competitive area to get into. Everyone applying is showing their best work and qualifications. It definitely makes you stand out, but also the employers know that you have the ability to work hard and and complete tasks.
Q: What was the best bit of advice you got from our BSc course?
A: Not sure. I don’t think it was one piece of advice – throughout the years we were always pushed to make great work and this can only be done with hard work, good guidance and good advice through out the years of study.
Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to make the most out of our CGI degree programme?
A: Work as hard as you can, but also work harder than everyone else and more. There is always someone working harder and you want it to be you. The thing with CGI is that it takes a lot of work to make something great but most employers will only hire people that show them something awesome.
Link to Double Negative’s website, click here.

Where Are They Now? – Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker graduated with a first class honours degree from our BSc 3D CGI Architectural Visualisation in 2012.
We caught up with him when we visited him at his workplace in Visual Method, Manchester.
Q: So you got a job right after your degree, didn’t you?
A: I left Bournemouth and took a position as a Junior Artist with The Neighbourhood, it was a great experience just coming from university and was great to be amongst a friendly bunch when you’re new to the area too. After 9 months I was promoted to 3D Artist and worked on many high-profile projects for renowned architects and design houses. I stayed with the ‘Hood’ for just under two and a half years before deciding I needed a change and to direct my career down a more photo-realistic path.
Q: So where did you move next?
A: I joined Visual Method in November 2014 and have loved the attention to detail and level of photo-realism the studio produce on a regular basis. I’ve learnt a lot since being here and have produced the best work of my career so far. The guys here are very talented and I don’t think the CGI world knows just how good their work is!
Q: Now you are producing top-end tutorials for Digital Tutors.
A: Yes, I was recently asked to create, and have completed, a tutorial mini-series for Digital Tutors. I was surprised to be asked but it was a great opportunity to create a new piece of personal work and to see if I could communicate all the tricks and tips I’ve picked up through my degree and career so far. It’s a two part course creating an interior scene from scratch. Part 1 one is modelling the architecture, furniture and props – then moving onto lighting, texturing, shading, rendering and post-production in Part 2. I have to say a big thanks to James and Vlad at Visual Method for allowing me to complete this in the studio at the weekends
Q: Now you have fame and fortune (well fame anyway) what are your plans for the future?
A: I’m actually going to be returning to the South Coast in a position for Make Studio, a local Bournemouth studio that work on a wide range of projects. I’m really looking forward to trying something new and seeing how much I can add to what the guys there already do. Plus I miss the beach A LOT!
Some images created by Ryan while working and Visual Method:
Images (c) Visual Method Ltd

Class of 2014 Graduation

Congratulations to all our Honours Degree and Foundation Degree students who graduated in June.  It was great to catch up with you again at the graduation ceremony last Thursday.

Another good year for our graduates with overall grades of 25% First Class Honours and 41% Upper Second.  Especially good results from our Architectural Visualisation graduates who ALL achieved a 2:1 or better.

 image[7]BSc 3D Computer Generated Imagery 2014 with David Bowen and Ken Pitts (tutors)

If you recruit in CGI, make a date in your diary…

cgi design show banner 2014

This year we are proud to present our final year students showing their work and hoping to enter either a one-year placement or a full-time post in the CGI industry. We are convinced that a visit will be worthwhile to anyone recruiting in CGI as we are recognised for our quality, creativity, industry relevance and studio-centric work ethic.

Bournemouth & Poole College’s degrees in Computer Generated Imagery have been delivered for well over a decade and have placed students in several of the major post-production and games companies as well as smaller animation, games and architectural studios throughout the country.

The show will be both a celebration of the student’s achievement on the Bachelor of Science Degree and Foundation Degree courses over the academic year and a showcase of student work within the fields of Computer Generated Imagery covering modelling, animation and architectural visualisation. There will be plenty of opportunity to chat with or even interview the students or just to browse.

We hope you can join us with our other guests from industry in viewing the animated shorts and visualisations from such a talented group of students. Please confirm your attendance by replying to Pauline Bickerton (e-mail or telephone 01202 205649).

The CGI Team,

David Bowen Cathy Cheyne Sarah Ferrand Kurt French Yulia Gleed Ken Pitts

Class of 2013 Graduation

Congratulations to all our Bachelor Degree and Foundation Degree graduates from last year. Another good year for results – 53% First Class Honours, 24% Upper Seconds from the BSc graduates!

Also special mention to Eva Solveig Thordardottir who won the Bournemouth University Partner College Student Prize for her final year project. [link]

It was a great occasion and good to catch up with you all again and to meet some of your parents. Please keep in touch and let us know how your career pans out.

Graduation Photo