What is Clearing?

Are your A level results not what you expected – are they better or worse than you anticipated, are you not sure what to do next… The next step could be Clearing!

Clearing happens in August each year, once you have your results, you can use Clearing to find out which courses have places remaining.

Are you eligible?

You’re eligible for Clearing if:

  • you have applied for university places through UCAS but have not received any offers
  • you have not met the grades of your chosen university
  • you have declined the university places offered to you
  • you haven’t already applied for a place at university

If you have a passion for CGI then the courses at theCollegeCGI could be the answer you are looking for – give us a call 01202 205339 or message us on frenchk@bpc.ac.uk and we can call you for a chat.

Bachelor and Foundation Degrees in Association with Bournemouth University.

Go on... you know it makes sense!

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