3d Printing at Eagle Labs Bournemouth

A big thank you to Barclays Eagle Labs, Bournemouth for the invitation to visit to your Westbourne studios and be given the opportunity to spend a whole day with Sharon to learn more about the 3d printing process.
The Foundation Degree Architectural Visualisation students who attended yesterday had a wonderful time. The presentations, talks and Q and A’s were fascinating, as were practical sessions.  In particular the practical sessions in which students created 3d models from the 2d and 3d images.
In addition to learning all about the 3d printing process, students were invited to pop their heads around the door of Agency Kilo who kindly gave up their time, despite being very busy, to answer questions regarding the CGI/Arch Vis. industry.
Today it is the turn of our CGI Character Animators, Modellers and Designers to visit the Labs – watch this space for more pics from today.
We very much look forward to working and engaging with Eagle Labs in the future to further enrich students learning.
A special thanks to Sharon for organising and hosting yesterday and for doing it all again today – We hope you get a rest later in the week!
Agency Kilo – https://www.agencykilo.com/
Barclays Eagle Labs. – https://labs.uk.barclays/locations/bournemouth

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