Thanks to Focus !

A big thank you to Focus

theCollegeCGI are always very grateful for the involvement of industry in the students development and achievement.  Today we are very lucky to have Focus with us in the classroom.  Focus regularly support us and the workshop they provided today was the highest quality in terms of content and delivery – as usual.

Tom and Ryan have designed and brought with them relevant industry engagement activities and material which will undoubtedly provide students with life-changing experiences by observing and applying the methods and workflows learned in classroom to real-world scenarios. 

Focus describes themselves as:

“…a  UK based, industry defining, bespoke visualisation studio formed in 2016 to deliver unrivaled quality and realism for the industry’s most demanding marketing requirements.

We produce passionately crafted, exclusively unique imagery and architectural film for projects that command nothing less than a true sense of luxury.

Our team, comprised of highly skilled and passionate artists, photographers and cinematographers, excel at tackling projects of all shapes and sizes, from apartments and luxury homes, high profile signature developments and master-plans.”

Thank you again for your time, interest and effort – you did a great thing today, inspiring students and opening doors to them finding the passion to achieve great things in the future.


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