January 2019 – off to a good start!!

January 2019 got off to a fantastic start with Yr 2 Foundation Degree students delivering their Pre-vis work to a panel of industry and lecturers here in Poole and the DDC.

All the students worked hard to make the day a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all involved. The work that was shown on the day was outstanding for this stage in the process and the feedback from industry was invaluable.

Thank you to the companies that came to help us.  Thanks to: Focus, Darcstudio, spiderJAR and to Rob Forester who usually teaches on the VFX course but took the time to get involved on his day off.

We can’t thank you enough and we look forward to working with you all throughout the year.

Darcstudio:  http://darcstudio.co.uk/

spiderJAR:  https://www.spiderjar.tv/

Focus:  https://www.focus.studio/home



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