Mocap with Mocappy

Simon Kay, Mocap Supervisor at Double Negative gave us a great talk today all about his motion capture work on some great films. We learned all about mocap for crowd simulations, facial capture, mocap as a blocking out tool for key frame animation and mocapping camels for the sci-fi film John Carter.

mocappy talk

Our new Motion Capture Career Route will be teaching mocap using up-to-date systems – much of the work done at Double Negative uses the same equipment and techniques we use at theCollegeCGI. We look forward to working closely with Simon and continuing to develop our course to stay at the cutting edge of mocap technology to make our course the go-to place for students who want to enter this exciting field.

Simon (a.k.a. @Mo_Cappy) has his own website with some great tutorials on motion capture. Do visit it – and then come and study with us to get the hands-on experience.


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