New Look, New Course

Bournemouth_University_logo smallFollowing our recent course review with Bournemouth University, we are proud to introduce our new updated course with some ground-breaking new units.

The Foundation Degrees have been updated and revamped to more closely reflect industry pipelines and to ensure the skill sets are current and the BS top-up has a radial new approach.

The New BSc Top-Up

The biggest changes are in the BSc top-up with specific career paths allowing students to specialise and give themselves a career boost as they develop from their first junior position. The specialisms are in Motion Capture, Character Design and Architectural Visualisation.

Students following the Motion Capture route will immerse themselves with a ‘hands-on’ approach by capturing animation in a variety of ways from cutting-edge mocap suits to Kinect boxes. They will be analysing, cleaning and subsequently using the data, via MotionBuilder & Maya, in a creative Project. They will have a good understanding of digitally capturing facial features and expressions along with a better knowledge of key frame animation to supplement the mocap.

Character Design students are those that wish to go beyond standard modelling. They will start with the art of character concepts building on in-depth narrative. Not only will they be fluent in creating animatable geometry using digital sculpting but with a specialist understanding in the various other ways of obtaining this geometry. This will stem from small scale photogrammetry and laser scanning through to the all-important retopologising of a model.


The BSc Architectural Visualisation is a pathway taken by those, not only wanting to present their work to photorealistic standards but, to become specialists in lighting, texturing & rendering architectural structures & habitats. This pathway will now be supported with architectural appreciation, and the introduction of large structure capture – multi-laser and photogrammetry, real time rendering and virtual reality.

bsc av banner

More details of each specialist route, including the teaching units can be found using the menus above.

How does the new FdSc differ from the old one?

Modelling, Lighting & Texturing units get a major revamp.  The new Lighting & Rendering unit in Year 1 brings photometrics and Mental Ray in (formerly Year 2). The new Modelling & Materials unit starts in Year 1 and continues into Year 2

Production Editing & Sound has also had some of the existing Year 2 content brought in – specifically introducing 2D compositing in After Effects. This allows the old Post Production & Processes unit in Year 2 to become Rendering and Post Production, with new material on physically-based rendering and real-time rendering for games and virtual reality as well as visual effects elements such as green screen / rotoscoping and camera tracking / stabilisation.

Graphical Communication is now much more art-based and prepares Year 1 students for a significant contribution of concept art to their own Year 2 Project.

Animation continues in both Years 1 & 2 but is more focused on animation principles with rigging separated out as a new unit – Rigging for Animation – in Year 2.

Face Rig 4

For the Visualisers, Architectural Modelling in Year 2 is boosted by a new unit – Architectural Lighting & Rendering – which predominantly covers V-Ray.

For a summary of all the FdSc Units, please go to the About page using the menu above.

Our New Look

AlternateThe branding of our new programmes was developed with Make Studio in Bournemouth. Make Studio is a creative agency, distinguished by its visualisation service, Make Believe.

Make Believe provides high quality visualisations for architectural and commercial projects. They recently employed one of our graduates as a 3D Artist and are hoping to take on an intern from our Architectural Visualisation pathway in June.

Make Believe is one of our many industry partners who get involved in the design, delivery and assessment of our course and help us ensure our graduates are always up-to-date with their skills.


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