Hayes Davidson

Some of our students had an inspirational and educational time on their recent trip to Hayes Davidson, one of the key architectural visualisation studios in London. Hayes Davidson (HD) works with some of the world’s top architects and designers with visualisations and planning applications for some of the most iconic buildings in London and around the world.

Students got to see some of their latest work and to chat to the artists for some inspiration and good advice.


Hayes Davidson is one of our many industry partners who are instrumental in the design and running of our programmes. HD are currently involved in our major course review and have provided good advice to keep our Architectural Visualisation programmes at the top of their game for the next six years.

JnSA few years ago, theCollegeCGI visited HD and two of our students, Jon Ogilvy and Sahin Evmez were so impressed with what they saw that they made it their own personal career goal to work there. Both now do, Sahin (left) is a 3D Artist and Jon (right) is a Project Art Director. theCollegeCGI is wholeheartedly committed to getting our students into CGI industries. Who knows what the future brings for our current students, but hopefully this trip and other industry activities we provide will inspire and galvanise them to achieve their goals.


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