Research and Development

Alex Rothwell from Framestore gave a really interesting and inspiring talk about Research and Development in visual effects (VFX) to our BSc final year students.

AR talk

Alex has 15 years in the industry and has worked on titles including Gravity, The Golden Compass and Black Hawk Down. he is currently working on simulating flesh and muscles in character and creature rigs to make the animation more believable.

As well as technical stuff like stereoscopic render optmisation, FACS shapes for facial capture and flesh simulation, we learned about how R&D departments fit into VFX companies, the different roles they take on and some of the low-down on up and coming developments.

This talk ties in with our BSc Personal Research unit where students must conduct some of their own research to enhance their academic skills and to prove that they have learned how to learn when they stand on their own two feet in industry. It’s good to know the core principles of research at Framestore are much the same as our own: clearly define the problem, set measurable goals, evaluate the results against your goals. Keep an eye on the blog to find out more about this year’s research subjects.

AR mocap


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