Bye-Bye Sarah

SarahAfter 12 years, it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our FdSc Programme Leader, Sarah Ferrand. Sarah is moving on to pastures new and will be working at Eastleigh College. Sarah has been heading up our FdSc programme for the last five years. She designed the whole Year 1 course with its unique closely monitored practical instruction. She always had a genuine desire to see students succeed and real talent for motivating students to achieve beyond their capability. Her input on the programme will be sorely missed.

At the end of year show this year, Sarah said her goodbyes to current and ex-students alike.

Sarah with… Top: all the students from the show, Row 1: Jack Arnold of Visualhouse / Jake Balston (BSc), Row 2: Lewis Younger of Emporio Developments / Lee Corbin of Drilling Systems, Row 3: Yulia (theCollegeCGI) and Ed Richards-Bond of Archi-Vista / Raymond Makawa (BSc). Sarah with students

Of course, no departure from theCollegeCGI team is complete without a proper send-off. We took Sarah to the Edge Restaurant at Alum Chine…

…and made her eat Oysters! (She might be glad to be going.)

Sarah's do


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