Where Are They Now? – Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker graduated with a first class honours degree from our BSc 3D CGI Architectural Visualisation in 2012.
We caught up with him when we visited him at his workplace in Visual Method, Manchester.
Q: So you got a job right after your degree, didn’t you?
A: I left Bournemouth and took a position as a Junior Artist with The Neighbourhood, it was a great experience just coming from university and was great to be amongst a friendly bunch when you’re new to the area too. After 9 months I was promoted to 3D Artist and worked on many high-profile projects for renowned architects and design houses. I stayed with the ‘Hood’ for just under two and a half years before deciding I needed a change and to direct my career down a more photo-realistic path.
Q: So where did you move next?
A: I joined Visual Method in November 2014 and have loved the attention to detail and level of photo-realism the studio produce on a regular basis. I’ve learnt a lot since being here and have produced the best work of my career so far. The guys here are very talented and I don’t think the CGI world knows just how good their work is!
Q: Now you are producing top-end tutorials for Digital Tutors.
A: Yes, I was recently asked to create, and have completed, a tutorial mini-series for Digital Tutors. I was surprised to be asked but it was a great opportunity to create a new piece of personal work and to see if I could communicate all the tricks and tips I’ve picked up through my degree and career so far. It’s a two part course creating an interior scene from scratch. Part 1 one is modelling the architecture, furniture and props – then moving onto lighting, texturing, shading, rendering and post-production in Part 2. I have to say a big thanks to James and Vlad at Visual Method for allowing me to complete this in the studio at the weekends
Q: Now you have fame and fortune (well fame anyway) what are your plans for the future?
A: I’m actually going to be returning to the South Coast in a position for Make Studio, a local Bournemouth studio that work on a wide range of projects. I’m really looking forward to trying something new and seeing how much I can add to what the guys there already do. Plus I miss the beach A LOT!
Some images created by Ryan while working and Visual Method:
Images (c) Visual Method Ltd

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