Framestore at theCollegeCGI

Thank you to Ian Fellows of Framestore for the great talk he gave this morning to our CGI students.  Ian inspired us all with show-and-tell breakdowns of the blockbuster films Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy and also gave a good overview of all the various roles that go to create VFX movies.

Framestore Talk

Ian covered aspects such as concept art, pre-viz, modelling, 3D scanning, animation, motion capture, and lighting.  It’s refreshing to know that the things we teach here are the things that matter in industry, especially with our new teaching unit on 3D scanning and our motion capture work.  Working at Framestore really is an opportunity for students to be involved in some of the biggest films.  Through Framestore, some of our graduates have worked on 47 Ronin, Harry Potter, Paddington Bear and Tale of Desperaux.

Watch below to see the Gravity show and tell breakdown for yourself.


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