visualhouse Internship Winner Getting on Well

FdSc Graduate Alex Mann has now been at visualhouse for nearly four months after winning their exclusive theCollegeCGI internship competition with this image:

Alex Mann VH

Q.  How are you finding life at visualhouse?
A.  So far I have been extremely happy with my time at visualhouse, although initially the 0900-1800 Monday to Friday was a big change.  Adapting to a studio environment with all its time constraints and requirements took some time but I now feel very settled.  My colleagues are all really lovely people and I am learning a lot.

Q.  How have your skills developed since doing the placement?
A.  So far I have been introduced to V-Ray as well as a number of helpful techniques for modelling and importing CAD drawings from AutoCAD, SketchUp and Rhino.  I have developed my understanding of 3ds Max in terms of production and problem solving.  I have a better grasp of the various functions in the program, their results and how to adjust settings.  The use of HDRI files and other lighting techniques have helped me create realistic lighting and a much better grasp of texturing.  When a problem develops I feel much more comfortable with the problem solving tactics I have been shown.

Q.  What about in 2D?
A.  I have been taught an invaluable amount of Photoshop skills and also some in-house techniques to create the visualhouse style.  Photo-realism is fundamental and I have so far thoroughly enjoyed developing the various skills required to produce imagery of such quality.  I still have so much to learn and am eagerly tackling each new project and trying to develop.  I would say that a greatly improved artistic eye for seeing issues and noticing the little details is the best asset I will take away.

Q.  Is taking an extra year for a placement worth it?
A.  I would recommend that any future students should strongly consider taking on a placement and learning what life after university in the industry is like.  I know I will leave visualhouse with a wealth of knowledge and abilities that I can’t wait to bring with me into my final year of university and hopefully leave with a top level degree.

“Alex is doing very well, and seems to be enjoying his time with us: he is learning a lot, and he certainly brings a lot of energy to the studio.  I’ve attached a recent image he’s created with us so you can see how significant his progress has been.”  Emily Maginess, visualhouse Creative Director

Alex_R&D %281%29


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