BSc Research Symposium

We have recently had our final year research symposium where BSc students present the findings of their investigative research projects.

Here are some examples:

Y4 research

Topic List

Visual Narrative through Lighting
BRDF-based Shading
The Impact of Digital Sculpting in CGI
Per-Face Texture Mapping
Realistic Eyes
How Sound Effects/Music are used for Storytelling in both Animation and Anime
Evolution of Resolution
Fundamental Network Rendering for 3ds Max/Maya Artists
Bio-mechanics and Realistic Walk Cycle Animation
CGI Muscle Anatomy
3D printing in the approach of a 3D artist
Stereoscopic 3D – The Three Methods
The Application of Lines and Shapes in Visual Narrative
Innovations in Video Games
Using Mental Ray’s ‘SSS Fast Skin Shader with Displacement’ to Resemble Natalie Portman’s Skin
Environment Concepting by Composition and Mood
The Development of Key Frame & MoCap Animation Techniques


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